Who knew that the humble Camellia made such a great tasting brew?

IMG_5872This hardy, yet prolific little tea bush whose leaves are plucked to make our cherished brew is in actual fact a member of the Camellia family – Camellia sinensis to be precise. A relation of the same evergreen shrub, so commonly found in all of our gardens, is cultivated and managed in such a way as to produce the black, green and white teas that we all enjoy. Straight away, we can ‘bust a myth’ that different types of tea are produced from different plants but this just isn’t true – all the leaves come from the same humble plant and its the treatment of them that produces the different colours, flavours and taste characteristics.

IMG_5882Therefore, understanding our deeper associations with the wonderful world of Camellias and all things floral, you can imagine our delight to be working with ‘The Great British Florist’ in Hereford. What could be better than enjoying the fabulous floral displays that the team create with a great tasting cup of tea in your hand? Pay a visit to their shop in East Street or visit www.greatbritishflorist.co.uk

The wonderful shop in East Street, Hereford is full to brimming with beautiful, British grown flowers and every trip is a journey for the senses with wonderful colours, scents and rarely seen British beauties – well worth a trip.

IMG_5885Please pay the shop a visit and look out for a range of Trumpers Botanicals that fit so neatly into this world – the herbal infusions, orange and rosehip and of course the new member of the family, the Jasmine! Beautifully positioned alongside the British China teapots, enjoy choosing some fabulous flowers and a packet of tea to cheer all the senses!

Stop Press… on my recent visit this weekend I heard that the Dahlias from Blakemere were coming along nicely…I’ll race you for a bunch!


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New packaging for our Chai….

Chai Tea Product Range Page

The wonderful new designs created by Charlotte of C Lyon Design – please let us know what you think. A slight move away from the traditional for our flavoured range.

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Its that wonderful time of year again…

Its that wonderful time of year again...

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The wonderful Chai Brulee

We were delighted this week to pop into Castle House, Hereford,  to tryplatedblog a truly  innovative Crème Brulee with a difference – this one was flavoured using our very own Chai!  Slightly biased I realise but is was truly delicious.  The spices in the Chai were perfect accompaniments to the poached fruit and vanilla ice cream that were presented so beautifully on a slate platter with rosewater infused biscotti – a treat for all the senses!

Claire Nicholls has been the Head Chef at Castle House since we have been based here in Hereford and she has been incredibly supportive of our teas and infusions, using them in Claireblogher menus in a number of different ways – we are truly grateful to have this wonderful support and to be around someone prepared to be creative and innovative with ingredients – its always a pleasure to chat to Claire and share in her enthusiasm for food.

Claire has been kind enough to share this recipe with us below and I urge you to try it – you won’t be disappointed!

Chai Brulee – Serves 4

Ingredients:  3 Egg yolks; 1 oz sugar; 1/2 pint double cream; 1.5 tsp. Chai Tea

1.  Mix the egg yolks and sugar together.  Place the cream into a saucepan with the Chai tea and bring to a simmer.  Turn down the heat and leave to infuse for 3 minutes.caddyblog

2.  Strain the cream and our onto the sugar and yolk mix, then strain through a fine sieve and pour into 4 ramekins.

3.  Place into a deep tray and fill half way up with water and place into an oven @100’c for approx. 25/30 minutes until set, then leave to cool.

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Great British institutions: The food festival

Last weekend the team from Trumpers Tea, along with a band of willing helpers, set off to take our positions at the local food festival – the newly branded ‘Flavours of Herefordshire Festival’. Continue reading

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Reunion in Tanzania

One of the best bits about my job is catching up with old friends around the world.  Last month, when I was working for Tetley in Tanzania, I ran a workshop with smallholder farmers on climate change and mitigation.  I hadn’t been to this part of the country for several years and it was a pleasure to return and see the great development taking place, especially amongst the smallholder community.

One of the attendees was a lady who I had met 12 years ago when I worked for Cafedirect and who had travelled to the UK and stayed with my parents for Fairtrade Fortnight some years ago.  Communication is challenging and although we still exchange news in Christmas cards, it was fantastic to get the opportunity to meet up with her again!  Cecelia is quite correctly, extremely proud of her achievements in the tea industry and considers herself to be a Fairtrade ambassador, encouraging other women producers across the world to strive for bigger and better!  In Cecelia’s case, she has used the money earned from selling great quality Fairtrade tea to educate both of her daughters through school and on to University – she knows no boundaries!

Smallholders in Southern Tanzania are amongst the more ‘traditional’ type with no more than 1 acre of land, often supporting up to 6 or 7 family members.  The land is split in cash crops, ie tea and then crops for food security such as sorghum, maize, bananas and fruit trees.  Cecelia is no exception and there isn’t an inch to spare on her ‘patch’ – everything is encouraged to thrive under her green fingers!  She’s also extremely proud of her pigs and cows – a great example of self sufficiency!

I probably shouldn’t be sharing this next bit but when I saw her she was really keen to take me to show off her potatoes.  I was slightly surprised but when we arrived at the field she laughed and told me that they were a crop from the ‘Irish potatoes’ (new crop) that we had seen together at our local agricultural college in Herefordshire years ago!  Obviously a few had been slipped into her pocket and grown in sunnier climes in Tanzania – ingenious!

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Fairtrade – Is it really fair?

For the first time in many months, I read the papers yesterday and came across a great article by Sarah Morrison in the Independent entitled ‘Fairtrade – Is it really fair?’ Continue reading

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Make the perfect cup of tea for Mothering Sunday

Treat your Mum this Sunday with a perfect pot of tea for Mothering Sunday!

The ceremony of making a perfect brew in a special teapot will create a wonderful moment to share – perhaps you’ll even manage to take it to her in bed, but not too early! Continue reading

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Orange Rooibos for the New Year

Orange Rooibos for the New Year – a wonderful cup, bursting with antioxidants to get you through January Continue reading

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Teapots that make loose tea easy

Our new ‘stump’ teapots make loose-leaf tea easy, with an integral infuser, and great, colourful design. Continue reading

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