Teapots that make loose tea easy

Our new ‘stump’ teapots make loose-leaf tea easy, with an integral infuser, and great, colourful design.

With its cheerful colours and modern shape, the stump teapot, from FORLIFE, makes brewing up a pleasure.

The extra-fine mesh integral infuser means you can brew anything from the finest rOrange Stump Teapotooibos through to the largest orthodox black leaf tea without needing to use a strainer.

It also means you can just knock out your used tea leaves into the compost without mess.

They’re perfect for cafes and restaurants, (as seen in the Tate gallery cafe, and the Liverpool museums), but also great at home. We like the permanently attached, hinged lid, and the fact that they’re dishwasher safe.

In stock now – see our tea gadgets page for details.

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1 Response to Teapots that make loose tea easy

  1. I’ve seen these in my local cookshop, they’re beautiful.

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