Make the perfect cup of tea for Mothering Sunday

Treat your Mum this Sunday with a perfect pot of tea for Mothering Sunday!

The ceremony of making a perfect brew in a special teapot will create a wonderful moment to share – perhaps you’ll even manage to take it to her in bed, but not too early!

Here are some tips for making that perfect cuppa…go on, spoil her!

1. Put fresh water from the tap into your kettle- water left in a kettle looses it oxygen and the tea lacks flavour.

2. Warm the teapot, whilst the water is boiling, so that the leaves are warmed before the water is added- it enhances the flavour!

3. Add loose leaf tea to a teapot or mug filter- if using a teapot add one spoon per person plus one for the pot!

4. Add water just off boiling and brew for three minutes

5. Put milk into your cup first- it instantly cools the tea and stops china cracking

6. Sit back and enjoy! Don’t  forget to pop your tea leaves on your compost!

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