Great British institutions: The food festival

Last weekend the team from Trumpers Tea, along with a band of willing helpers, set off to take our positions at the local food festival – the newly branded ‘Flavours of Herefordshire Festival’.

Elgar looks on…

Moved from last years position at the racecourse, the Festival is now in town and we had a pitch in the main pavilion in the CathedralClose, a perfect location.  Hereford City came alive and everyone walked around with a smile on their face, enjoying the great entertainment as well as the food and drink that was on offer!

Trumpers Tea was extremely lucky as we were in two places at the same time over the weekend!  As well as a stall we also had the opportunity to serve great tea in ‘The Green Room’ set up at Castle House for all the press and celebrities that were giving demonstrations.  Although I wasn’t ‘in residence’ when Mary Berry or Xanthe Clay were resting their weary feet I live in hope that a cup of Trumpers ‘revived their spirits’ and put them back on the road again!

…tea break!

Back in Cathedral Close we thoroughly enjoyed meeting old friends and making new ones – delighted to hear that so many of you were enjoying your loose leaf tea experience – excellent!  We also enjoyed meeting up with ‘producer’ friends who called by to the stall for tea and biscuits – a great ‘public service’!

Whilst at the stall, early on Saturday morning, I got into a great conversation with a gentleman about my quest to get everyone drinking loose leaf tea!  Little did I know that he would turn out to be a journalist from  the Telegraph – Brian Viner – who was writing an article on Food Festivals.  He has written a wonderful piece about the rise of their popularity but also about the challenges for producers who enter them.  The whole article can be read by clicking the link below:

In the article Brian describes me as being sustained by a ferocious belief in my product, “championing loose-left tea much as the Pankhursts once championed women’s suffrage, with eloquence and conviction.”  Upon reflection, I see this as quite a humbling analogy but one that gives me courage to continue the fight to encourage people to drink good quality, loose leaf tea!  I’ve never been likened to a suffragette before but there is always a first time for everything!

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