Who knew that the humble Camellia made such a great tasting brew?

IMG_5872This hardy, yet prolific little tea bush whose leaves are plucked to make our cherished brew is in actual fact a member of the Camellia family – Camellia sinensis to be precise. A relation of the same evergreen shrub, so commonly found in all of our gardens, is cultivated and managed in such a way as to produce the black, green and white teas that we all enjoy. Straight away, we can ‘bust a myth’ that different types of tea are produced from different plants but this just isn’t true – all the leaves come from the same humble plant and its the treatment of them that produces the different colours, flavours and taste characteristics.

IMG_5882Therefore, understanding our deeper associations with the wonderful world of Camellias and all things floral, you can imagine our delight to be working with ‘The Great British Florist’ in Hereford. What could be better than enjoying the fabulous floral displays that the team create with a great tasting cup of tea in your hand? Pay a visit to their shop in East Street or visit www.greatbritishflorist.co.uk

The wonderful shop in East Street, Hereford is full to brimming with beautiful, British grown flowers and every trip is a journey for the senses with wonderful colours, scents and rarely seen British beauties – well worth a trip.

IMG_5885Please pay the shop a visit and look out for a range of Trumpers Botanicals that fit so neatly into this world – the herbal infusions, orange and rosehip and of course the new member of the family, the Jasmine! Beautifully positioned alongside the British China teapots, enjoy choosing some fabulous flowers and a packet of tea to cheer all the senses!

Stop Press… on my recent visit this weekend I heard that the Dahlias from Blakemere were coming along nicely…I’ll race you for a bunch!


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